Storm Force – What We’re Doing Here

The things people do for science! I can’t tell whether I’m happy to be on dry land or jealous….


Today we got exactly what we came here for…and then some. We’re sat in the middle of a storm with winds of storm force 11 gusting well up into hurricane force 12 – over 60 knots (30 m/s)*. The wind picked up quickly yesterday afternoon, soon after we deployed the fully repaired and working spar buoy. Last night was what is colloquially known as ‘a bit lumpy’, with waves of about 5-6 m. Sleeping isn’t easy in those conditions – you get rolled back and forth in your bunk, there’s a lot of noise from waves hitting the ship, engines straining, and what seems like every single object in the cabin creaking, groaning, or squeaking as it all moves around. Usually simple activities can become a major challenge – taking a shower without being thrown out of it by a sudden roll of the ship for instance.

This morning the…

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