So I have been away for a bit doing cool stuff! I spent a week on a tall ship (any who are feeling similarly adventurous, see here). I was sailing as a volunteer assistant cook, which meant I got a free voyage but had to work hard. I enjoyed myself massively, got to set foot on Ireland for the first time and met plenty of interesting people.

I wasn’t completely away from work though, the ship is a mobile observing station giving data to the met office! This is the (poorly placed) anemometer, not the actual one they use for the met office I should hope!


Let’s place the anemometer behind the mast…

Also knowing what the winds are going to do is important when your vessel is meant to travel under sail, so I sat and explained some weather charts to one of the crew, who strangely had an app that downloaded GFS GRIB data, which is what I use to drive my model!   We had beautiful weather while we were in port in Cardiff, and I got to sunbathe while the crew were trained (once all the washing up was finished). Look at the flag up there!


The Red Dragon flying at sunset.

My cabin even had a port hole, though its not so nice when the ship is rolling and you end up practically sleeping in it. You get to watch the waves during the force 7 you encounter on the way to Brixham!


Can you see the sea?

I shan’t do a full length write up as its a bit out of scope for this blog (unless I am inundated with requests). However I shall say that if you are in the least bit interested in sailing on a tall ship then do it!!!


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