Masters / Oxford / Stress

The Summer of the thesis

This summer has been an interesting one!
I’m just days away from submitting my masters thesis, which I have come to dislike immensely. I don’t know if its because my time working on it has been so fragmented, interrupted by other projects, moving, sleeping on peoples spare beds, a stint volunteering at the olympics, coming home to sleeping on the sofa, going househunting for my next place and finally my life being a bit normal when I could move back into my own bedroom.
Or if my dislike stems from the strangeness of the topic, less directed by me and more a re-hashing of my supervisors work.
Maybe its that I had to dramatically scale down my ambitions as code after code failed to work properly, leaving me with three weeks to go and none of my own contribution formed.
Possibly its a combination of all of the above, and maybe more, who knows. I cannot wait to be rid of it though.

Anyway its been a bit of a summer! Things had just settled down to normal, apart from the huge amounts of procrastinating, when I got three bits of bad news in a row. I don’t have time to process them, I must remain chained to my desk trying to avoid thinking about them. Though this hasn’t made me very happy either.
The light at the end of the tunnel is well in sight though.

But then I have to write my presentation for my summer school. Next pack my bags and fly to Scotland for the summer school and then, on my return, I have to face my Viva. And I have to dress up for my viva! I hope I don’t get trashed. (Covered with flour and suchlike in celebration of my finishing.)
Then with all that done, I shall have less than a week to sort my life into its boxes and move across country to my new city, to my little flat, to my new university and the adventure of my PhD.
I am going to be shattered!

However I’m going to have a lot of interesting things to talk about when I have once again started my life!


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